Bristol, England 1971

In 1971 four teenagers from Bristol, England decided to record an album of traditional and modern English and American folk songs. Only five hundred LPs were pressed, half of which were damaged and destroyed in a flood. The remaining copies then embarked on an amazing journey over the next forty years to become the most sought after British traditional folk album ever produced.


Midas Recordings 1971

Originally published on the now dissolved UK based Midas Recordings label the album is neither groundbreaking in its musical direction nor contains any of the artists' original material. What it does have however, is an acoustic other worldliness which differentiates it from other artists of the time, giving the listener the feel good factor of being in the depths of Folkal Point's enchanted forest.


Folkal Point 2016

Combine all this with haunting female vocals and precision guitar playing and you have what can only be described as a truly outstanding collection of tracks from one of Bristol's finest and best kept musical secrets. And, the good news is, Folkal Point is producing a new album from archive material. OK, for some folk, forty years is a lifetime, but in the 'enchanted forest' forty years is merely a heartbeat.